INTRODUCING Ad Blocker by SurfEasy

Tired of being followed around the web? Hate seeing ads? We feel the same. That's why we created Ad Blocker to stop online tracking and block ads on any iOS9 device.

Ad blocker is built on SurfEasy values which means we won't sell out to any big advertisers as part of "acceptable ads program”.
Finally, an ad blocker from a company you can trust.

  • Save DataAd Blocker preserves your precious gigabytes! By skipping ads, you'll save yourself extra data and money.
  • Save BatteryBecause you're not wasting power loading adverts, your charge will last longer every day.
  • Save Time Without ads cluttering up your browser you'll be loading pages blazingly fast and surfing the web with fewer distractions.

We've made it easy Get set up in seconds

Setting up Ad Blocker by SurfEasy is easy and hassle free. In just four taps you'll be ready to go.


why Adblock By Surfeasy Great perks & more coming

  1. No LogsWe don't track, thanks to our no-log policy
  2. Auto UpdatesWe stay ahead by updating our ads database daily
  3. Real SupportSeriously, the support team sits right beside us

It's no secret We're experts in better browsing

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